Mar 032012

The Geometric Shapes Live Wallpaper app that I have put in the market has now been updated to the latest version. The changes from the log are as follows:

v1.2.0 all shapes now available for free and paid users, but free users have text overlay for most, 4 new shapes added, extra rotation axis added (for paid version), background colour selection (paid version), ability to have shape pause movement on screen touch (paid version)

I’m very pleased with this update, and look forward to seeing it’s effect on downloads.

Incidentally, the market downloads listed in my last post were not entirely accurate – I listed only the google market downloads as I didn’t expect there would be any on SlideMe or Amazon yet, but when I checked I was rather surprised. The figures now are:

Google Market: 114 (of which 3 are paid, one then refunded)
Amazon: 3 (all free)
SlideMe: 197 (all free)

So total downloads are actually 314. I’m rather shocked at how many more are on SlideMe than on the Google Market, particularly given that I spent $50 on Admob trying to get downloads from the Google Market.

Updates may take a little while to appear – they will need to go through the approval process on SlideMe and Amazon.

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