Aug 042011

I promised an update today, so here it is!

Installs/Invites sent
The app continues to go from strength to strength. Google market reports 3,045 installs at last count, and I’ve had a total of 4342 invite requests so far, so we’re looking at an average of 1.43 invites requested per install. A lot of this will be caused by people who are in a hurry and request an invite more than once, but I’m sure there have been a few people who have requested more than one invite from a single installation.

I’ve been tracking the invites requested since the 27th, and so far the overall average number of invites per hour has been 19. The slowest time was between 11am and 3pm on the 30th, at about 10.5 invites per hour. The app seems to be getting more and more hits, as the fastest time has been updated several times over the last day. Currently, the peak was in the last two hours, at over 67 invites per hour.

There are 62 ratings for the app, 59 of which have rated it 5 stars, 2 at 4 stars and 1 and 1 star. There are also 31 comments, all positive. You can get the app from the following links: Download *Google Plus* Inviter for Android from Appbrain Download *Google Plus* Inviter for Android from the Android Market

I removed the adsense ads, as they were getting no clicks. With over 400 impressions yesterday I had literally zero clicks, so that’s clearly not worthwhile. I’ve not yet had any money donated through paypal – so far my only income is from the 11 people who purchased the app at £1 each (google take 30%, so I get 70p per purchase – for a total of £7.70). I reckon that I’ve spent somewhere between 9 and 15 hours putting together the app and sending the invites, and that works out at under £1 per hour. Given that the minimum wage is more like £6, and that my normal work pays more like £15 per hour, I’m not overly happy with this, and not sure that I can afford to keep going for much longer, simply from the point of view that I need to pay my rent, so I need to do a certain amount of work that pays, and time spent on this is thus keeping me from paying my rent.

Interesting numbers
Paypal takes £0.20 from each donation, as well as 3.4% of the total, but if everyone who’d got an invite had donated £0.23 (so I’d receive 2p after paypal’s cut) then I’d have made more than minimum wage. If instead one person in 60 donated just £1, I’d have made more than minimum wage.

So far I’ve had no donations whatsoever, and all of the income comes from the few paid invites that were purchased. I’m going to keep going to at least 5000 invites, then I’ll see how we’re going. It may be that I simply can’t keep up as it is, or that I have to put things back onto a paid basis, although I’d rather not do so.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Just after posting this, I checked my email and have received a donation of $2! That being the case, my faith in humanity is now restored :p I’ll keep going until at least 6000.

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