Nov 232011

So, with the google plus invites no longer being needed (but still being downloaded – we’re at almost 14,000 downloads now according to google’s developer console) I thought it might be worth building a new app.

Regarding the G+ inviter, all it does now is point people to this page. Funnily enough, it’s made me nearly £30 in adsense clicks, so I’m inclined to leave it there for now.

So – a new app. But what to build? I thought about the sort of apps that might be useful to me. I don’t want to charge people money – my app-writing skills are not yet to the point where I think that’s fair – but I wanted to build something that people might find useful.

I was looking around some of the sites I frequent, when I realised that HUKD has an API for developer calls. I wondered if I could use this, so applied for a key.

I had to fold the results in a little php and reformat them for AI (still using AI, as I’m too lazy/pressed for time to learn Java properly) and I wound up with an app that could get the most recent hot deals.

Today, I added some search functionality and put it up on the market.

It looks rather poor, and I do need to do something with the visuals, but it works and hopefully will prove useful to some people. And if anyone happens to click on the links on the front page and spends lots of money, I might make a few pennies.

I’ll add the link to let people download the app from the market as soon as it’s listed – I hit publish about 20 minutes ago, but it takes a while to update the servers.

Edited to add: The download link is at – give it a try!

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