Feb 152012

How to get more free space on Dropbox

I’ve been using Dropbox as a handy place to store my Eclipse install and my Android and Blackberry SDKs, so I can work on them from any of my computers, but the free account only comes with 2GB of storage, which is a little small for my needs. I don’t really want to pay $10 a month to go to a paid account, so I decided to look into ways of getting more space – and it turns out there are quite a few of them!

So far today I’ve gained 1.1GB extra space, taking me to 3.9GB (I already had a little bit extra), and I’ll be getting another 4.5GB when I get home tonight. How?

First step: install Dropbox.
If you don’t have a dropbox account, you can get one here – joining through a referral link (like this one) earns you and the referrer both an extra 250MB – space now: 2.25GB (I missed out on this, as I didn’t join through a referral link)

2nd step: Complete the get started list
This is worth an extra 250MB – space now: 2.5GB

3rd step: complete the free activities
This does require you to have a Twitter and Facebook account, but there’s nothing stopping you creating one for the purposes of this. This step earns you 640MB – space now: 3.14GB

4th step: if you have an android phone, download the experimental forum build of the Android app and upload one photo. If you don’t have an android phone, download the experimental forum build of the desktop application and use it to sync with your phone/camera and upload one photo.
This will earn you 500MB – space now: 3.64GB

5th step: Upload more photos and videos from your phone/camera as in (4) above.
In theory, once you’ve uploaded a total of 4.51GB, you should have a total of 5GB more space (which is the limit), so an increase of 4.5GB from this step – space now: 8.14GB

6th step: Invite your friends.
Use the referrals page to invite your friends. For each one that signs up, you’ll earn 250MB. This doubles if you’re a student (confirm by using a .edu email address here) and doubles again if you’re a pro user (i.e. paying). I think that the maximum that you can earn from referrals is 8GB (16 for a paid user).

This takes you to somewhere between 8.14GB and 16.14GB (depending on how many friends sign up), on a free account. You can also keep an eye out on the official blog and twitter feed, as they often have special competitions on there.

I was running out of space this morning – now I have plenty!

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