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The Dusty Blue Stone Quest

Part 1: Baubleshire - Fetch Vida (in Nettleville) a broomstick
Part 2: Graystone Yard - Go see a Geologist
Part 3: Thundering Steppes - Collect 40 stone
Part 4: South Qeynos - Go see Aristide Calais who knows more about magical rocks
Part 5: Thundering Steppes - Take the enchanted steel bars to Thundermist village
Part 6: North Qeynos - Go see Toranim Skyblade in the Temple of life
Part 7: Stormhold - Go and slay 30 undead
Part 8: Tomb of Valor - If you choose to continue, the next step is to grab Ghoulbane
Part 9: Crypt of Betrayal - Kill a spectre
Part 10: Ruins of Varsoon - Kill a Lich
Part 11: Nektulos Forest - Kill a Vampire Descendant
Part 12: Quest finished - Quest finished
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